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Trevor Scott Competitor Fender Stock Saddles. Rawhide Tree Range

  • The Competitor (Paddless Stock) Saddle Trees are made by Brophy Saddle Trees of Dayboro.
  • These trees have the knee pads added to the tree during construction which allows for a wide range of settings and a choice of kneepad style. It is easy to see that care and time are important qualities included in the building of these trees. They are a sound and neatly made product which forms the base of Trevor's Saddles.
  • The Competitor Saddle Tree comes in a variety of widths which is important when considering the shape of your horses.
  • It also has a wide range of seat sizes to choose from for rider comfort. The Seat length, the cantle height and width , and the amount of dish in the seat are all considered when selecting your tree.

Features of this saddle include:

All the fender  stock saddles in this range have a web seat. As mentioned above there are also options relating to the amount of dish in the seat and the height and width of the cantle all of which contribute to the riders comfort.
This style has a handstitched welted seat offering a traditional looking top to this stock saddle.

The fenders are hung from springbars allowing for plenty  of leg movement, and have full stirrup leathers to ensure rider safety.  The spring bar is located in the standard position unless otherwise discussed.

Knee Pads
There are two ready made styles of kneepads to choose from and your personal preference is taken into account when setting them on the saddle. Firstly there is the work pad with a slightly larger surface area which finnishes at approximately 3 ½ inches. Secondly  the campdraft pad which is slightly smaller in overall size and finnishes at approximately 3 ¼ inches. Other options may be available. Please talk to Trevor if you would like more information.

Like most options in this range a few common combinations are emerging. The height of the cantle, the width and the depth of the seat are all areas to consider when looking for a comfortable saddle. These measurements may be readily availble from the saddle you are riding in now.

There is a choice of natural sheepskins or blue felt as a lining for the skirts.

Tree Fittings
The trees come in a variety of widths (to suit a wide range of horses) and seat sizes.
It is best to talk to Trevor in relation to your saddle wants and needs. He will then decide what he is able to do for you..

Saddle Mounts
The standard mount package includes - Brady's oxbows with leather treads and 15 strand single layer pure mohair cord girth plus a quality nylon latigo and half breed set.  The nylon is imported from USA and has been chosen for its  longer life and strength. The girths and latigos are made in Goomeri.

Selecting your tree
Where possible Trevor likes to see the horse or horses the saddle is being made for.
Trevor has several Campdraft Stalls each year – Listed on the contacts page.
Alternatively other arrangements can be made. Contact Trevor to see what he can manage.
 We keep records on each saddle made so if you can get to ride in one of Trevor's saddles take a note of the number on the tag and give him a call.

After Sales Follow up
Trevor likes to hear how each saddle suits its new home. Please contact us once you have ridden in your new saddle to discuss what you like and any concerns you may have.
Our aim is to have every saddle in a home where it is needed, used and works well.
We do surveys asking about the saddles -  mainly to collect information on  what is working and what needs to be improved - and to offer any help you may need with repairs, change overs or new orders.
It is also good to see the saddles in use at drafts. Please call over and see us if you can.